Opening of Startup Pitch Battle

We have Startup Pitch Battle! The winner will get the bounty.
Juries will judge the startup to be successful socially.
Please apply from the button if you are Fintechs.

*The final presentation slot will be 4:00-6:00PM on Nov-18th.


  • Terms and Condition of Application:
    ・You must be a Fintech Startup
    ・You must have a clear problem statement related to issues in our society that will be solved by your project
    ・Capital (including capital reserve): Less than 1 billion yen
    ・Establishment: Within 10 years from the establishment of the company
    There is or is to be established a Japanese corporation* There will be a pre-selection process based on the scale and the content of the business.
    *We will examine the contents and the scale of the business in accordance with this pitch battle.
  • Applications deadline: The end of Sunday, October 25.
  • Notification of pre-audit result: Until the end of October

Guidelines for evaluation

・Business innovation and uniqueness
・Benefits that users receive
・Competitive advantage
・Feasibility of an idea
・Current status of development
・Vision and mission

Both the first and final judge will examine these conditions.
The judges will give you a score, and after final deliberation, the winner will be selected.

Juries and Awards


Kenhiro Nishii from Seven Bank
Makoto Shibata from FINOLAB
Hitoshi Okabe from Nikkei Fintech
Takeshi Kito, Vice-chair, Fintech Association of Japan


The winners are able to get awards.

1st place:500,000JPY
2nd place:200,000JPY


Please submit the form below button.
*If multiple applications are made, one of them may be considered as a valid response.