Seiichiro Yamamoto

Project Lead – Healthcare Data Policy, Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Japan,World Economic Forum
Research Director of Special Assignment, Center for Cancer Control and Information Services, National Cancer Center

Dr. Seiichiro Yamamoto joined the National Cancer Center as staff scientist in 1996, after a Ph.D was conferred from the School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine of The University of Tokyo. He has supported cancer clinical research projects as a biostatistician while also leading epidemiological research projects throughout his career.

He has been focusing on for these ten years the research for precision medicine for individual cancer prevention using health behavioral approach and also a principal investigator of the world largest breast cancer patient survivorship cohort. He is also a principal investigator of development and management of e-learning website for clinical research methodology “ICRweb (Introduction to Clinical Research, http:/”. ICRweb provides more than 200 contents for 130,000 users and is a de-fact standard training tools for medical doctors involved in clinical research in Japan.

Based on the knowledge and experiences so far, he is now focusing on the healthcare data policy in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.