Nat Sakimura

Nat Sakimura is a well-known identity and privacy standardization architect at Tokyo Digital Ideas and the Chairman of the Board of the OpenID Foundation and MyData Japan. Besides being an author/editor of such widely used standards as OpenID Connect, FAPI 1.0, JWT (RFC7519), JWS (RFC7515), OAuth PKCE (RFC7636) ISO/IEC 29100 Privacy Framework Amd.1, and ISO/IEC 29184 Online privacy notice and consent, he helps communities to organize themselves to realize the safer cyberspace.

He is also active in public policy side and has been serving in numerous governmental committees in Japan such as Japan Fair Trade Commission’s “Study Group on Competition Policy in the Digital Market” and “Study Group on Platforms” of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication (MIC). He also serves as the chair of the Trusted Personal Data Management Services Certification Subcommittee of Information Technology Federation of Japan that creates the certification criteria based on the guidelines co-created by MIC and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).