Naomi Takegoshi

Relationship Manager, FinCity.Tokyo

Naomi Takegoshi joined JIAM in May 2019 and FinCity.Tokyo in October 2019 after a 25-year long career at the British Embassy in Tokyo in supporting UK companies develop their business in Japan in a wide range of industries (consumer goods, financial services, business services, tech etc) with an aspiration to bring her experiences to contribute to the internationalization of Tokyo.
In her work to promote UK financial services and fintech in Japan, she built an extensive network of contacts both in Japan and in the UK.
She also works for SUM series events organized by Nikkei to develop overseas content for their events.
Prior to her career at the UK Embassy, she worked as a Researcher for the think tank division of MKI (Mitsui Knowledge Industry),  BA Economics, Keio University.