Kaz Ohmae

Having been involved in “FinTech” space since 2001 on graduation of business school in UK. Kaz Ohmae managed challenger bank launch project, which now ends up with No.1 online pure play bank in Japan, followed by biz dev role as vice president at Exchange Corporation to establish Japan’s first P2P lending platform. In 2013, Kaz co-founded crowdbank.jp, serving president and CEO for 3 years until crowdbank.jp became one of the leading crowdfunding platforms in Japan. Kaz now pursues his passion to elevate finance services industry to the next stage through investment, consulting/advising for fintech startups and regional banks, and open innovation programmes, on top of working on numerous new business development.


Selected one of the Crowd 411 as The Crowd Economy Leaders/Influencers(April,2015)
ublication “Let’s crowdfund for 10,000 JPY” Sogo Horei Publishing
Adjunct Lecturer, teaching Global Enterprise and Competition at MBA,The University of Massachusetts Lowell
Regular columnist on Diamond Online, online economic news media  (https://diamond.jp/ud/authors/5cd14b1f7765611c54000000)

BBA, Hokkaido University
MBA, Lancaster University